Motion Control Systems Integrator

mp2600iecThe Yasakawa MP2600iec is a single-axis controller that integrates a controller and servo drive into one space-saving unit. The built-in web server eliminates the need for service personnel to use special software to access diagnostic information, while 10 LED indicators make it easy to read error or communication status as well as operating mode.

Open standards Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP offer connectivity to numerous types of peripheral devices that are currently available, while the incorporated programming standard IEC61131-3 offers assurance that programs execute in a predictable manner. Using MECHATROLINK and Ethernet, many third-party remote input/output modules, including Opto 22, Phoenix and Wago, can interface with the system.

On the controller side, the unit uses two 100base TX Ethernet ports and supports eight programmable digital inputs and eight programmable digital inputs. Analog input and output is 16-bit, one channel at plus or minus 10V. The positive/negative logic and signal allocation functions can be modified, but typically, they include:

• P-OT – forward run prohibited
• N-OT – reverse run prohibited
• /PCL – forward torque limit
• /N-CL – reverse torque limit
• /S10 to /S16 – input signal, general purpose

Sequence input on the servo side is seven allocated inputs. Sequence output is three allocated and one fixed (alarm). The positive/negative logic and signal allocation can be modified. The functions are:

• /COIN – positioning completion
• /V-CMP – speed coincidence detection
• /TGON – servomotor rotation detection
• /S-RDY – servo ready
• /CLT – torque limit detection
• /VLT – speed limit detection
• /BK – brake
• /WARN – warning
• /NEAR – near

The Yaskawa MP2600iec features a 32-bit, 200 MHz, ARM 9 central processing unit. SDRAM memory is 32 MB and SRAM is 512 kB with a battery backup. The unit supports a 4 MB flash. The dual Ethernet ports feature 100Mbps with auto-crossover.

The controller has the ability to operate local Sigma-5 outputs. In situations requiring just a couple of outputs, this can reduce both the space requirements and the panel cost.

Software used for this controller include MotionWorks IEC Pro and MotionWorks IEC Express. An optional software, MPiec OPC Server, allows the controller and Windows applications to exchange data.

Yaskawa has an outstanding reputation for building reliable, top-quality products. The company’s products are the first choice for many businesses in a wide range of industries, ranging from the automotive industry to building automation. Yaskawa offers global technical support by telephone for all of its products.