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Established in 1934 by two brothers in Germany, STOBER Drives built a reputation for durability, high precision and quality assembly for nearly 60 years before it opened its Kentucky plant in 1991. Less than a decade later STOBER’s ServoFit Precision Planetary Gearhead changed industry design practice with its emphasis on minimal maintenance requirements. The Modular Gear System followed soon after, and STOBER developed this innovation into a leading solution for controlling long-term maintenance costs. With a 50,000-square-foot facility that just opened in 2012, STOBER Drives positioned itself to build for the future, on the strength of its top-quality servomotors and gear drives.

ServoFit™ InLine and Offset Gearheads
ServoFit™ Hollow and Right Angle Gearheads

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STOBER drive housings are precision engineered for exceptional rigidity, and undertake comprehensive testing to attain high standards and maintain first-rate results. As a member of the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD), the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) and the Power-Motion Technology Representatives Association (PTRA), STOBER takes an active position in keeping abreast of industry requirements and solutions as well as industry standards and best practices. STOBER Drives is also a Rockwell Encompass Partner.

A proven engineering leader at developing solutions for long-term reliability and cost management, STOBER Drives offers eight decades of experience developing valuable drive solutions in a variety of industries. Sensible design, precision engineering and meticulous assembly characterize drives that provide superior performance over the long term. STOBER’s Maysville, Kentucky plant manufactures and assembles motion control products in America for the North American market. Highland Motion offers offset, hollow and right angle gear head drives from STOBER to meet specific motion control requirements.

STOBER manufactures offset gear drives for a wide variety of industry requirements, including machine tools, robotics and food processing. Right-angle and hollow gear drives are available to handle unconventional installations such as material handling, semiconductor processes and commercial printing, with no compromises in quality, precision or reliability. Professional, qualified and experienced technologists will provide the best return on your investment in a STOBER Drives motion control system. Ask how Highland Motion can design, specify and install a STOBER Drives solution to your motion control challenges.