Motion Control Systems Integrator

ServoFitâ„¢ InLine and Offset Gearheads

servofit-pa-seriesServoFit PA Series
The PA Series is an inline Precision Planetary Gearhead is so compact it can replace many direct-drive applications. This is the most efficient and accurate planetary gearhead on the market. An adapter bushing will attach to any servomotor, and offers over 95 percent efficiency. It uses FKM seals to achieve the smallest diameter possible. Application-specific bearing options are available.


servofit-pha-seriesServoFit PH Series
This drive is intended for high-performance torsional and tilting rigidity. ISO 9409 flange dimensions mean this drive will mount directly to many indexing tables as well as pinion-style shafts and other motion-control devices without the need for a motor coupling. The PH Series features oversized tapered roller bearings to provide excellent axial loading capabilities.


servofit-phq-seriesServoFit PHQ Series
The PHQ Series uses a four-planet system as part of Stober’s Precison Planetary Gearhead system. Using four planet gears instead of three achieves more than 35 percent improvement in torque output and more than 80 percent improvement in torsional rigidity over conventional gearhead drive designs. The integral ring gear, machined as part of the housing, provides exceptional rigidity and concentric reliability.


servofit-pe-seriesServoFit PE Series
Available with NEMA output adapters and specific motor adaptations to suit your needs, the PE Series utilizes an integrated motor coupling that allows for thermal expansion of the motor shaft. This is an economical, straight-tooth version with the same Stober Drives precision and quality, but designed for standard environments in applications that don’t require the same kind of very low backlash that high-precision installations do.


servofit-c-seriesServoFit C Series
Stober’s ServoFit C Series is a cost-effective and durable drive, precision machined to ensure accuracy and longevity under overhung load conditions. The C Series may be back driven and accepts up to 4,500 rpm input speeds, with torque output from 97 to 62,000 inch-pounds, (21 to 7,000 Nm). Reduction ratios are available from 2 to 1 all the way to 276 to 1.


servofit-f-seriesServoFit F Series
A compact, durable high-performance drive, the F Series offers flexibility along with high performance. A wide choice of configuration options allows mounting this drive nearly anywhere. This drive features a dual-lip outer seal and all hardware is stainless steel. It accepts up to 4,500 input rpm and offers reduction ratios from 4.1 to 1 up to 540 to 1.