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Stober Right Angle Gearhead

Stober ServoFit Hollow, Right Angle Gearhead

servofit-pkx-seriesServoFit PKX Series
The PKX Series combines the P Series Precision Planetary Gearhead with a low-ratio right-angle FlexiAdapt motor coupling. Stober’s HeliCamber gear manufacturing means quieter operation with minimal wear and less backlash. The result is a drive with high torsional stiffness and over 90 percent efficiency that can fit just about anywhere. This drive is lubricated for life and features a ring gear that is machined as an integral part of the housing.


servofit-pk-seriesStober ServoFit PK Series
The PK Series is a Precision Planetary Gearhead that combines the best features of the P Series and the reduced-backlash K Series helical drive. The precision-ground helical input gear, combined with the PK’s precision-ground spiral bevel gearset, ensure extremely low backlash in the 5 arc minute range, and consequently it offers exceptionally quiet operation.


servofit-phkx-seriesStober ServoFit PHKX Series
The PHKX is a right-angle Precision Planetary Gearhead with a blind pilot hole that allows direct mounting without the need for a coupling. It features a single-piece steel housing and HeliCamber case-hardened gears with a Rockwell C hardness of 61, paired with a spiral beveled gearset. This drive providedes very quiet operation and low backlash, and uses FKM seals for challenging environments.


servofit-phk-seriesStober ServoFit PHK Series
This Stober drive adds the reduced-backlash K Series SMS to the PH Series ServoFit Gearhead, producing a drive that is durable, offers minimal maintenance and runs quietly and accurately. The right-angle design is highly versatile, making the PHK Series mountable virtually anywhere. It offers high torsional stiffness, high axial load capacity and is available in ratios as low as 561 to 1.


servofit-phqk-seriesStober ServoFit PHQK Series
Stober’s PHQK Series uses a reduced-backlash SMS from the right-angle K Series drive, combined with the PHQ series design. It features oversized and tapered roller bearings to provide a high radial capacity along with high torsional stiffness. Available in ratios down to 591 to 1, the PHQK features a high tensile tempered steel housing with the ring gear machined in as an integral part of the housing.


servofit-ks-seriesStober ServoFit KS Series
The KS Series is available in ratios as high as 200 to 1, and features a patented motor coupling that allows for thermal expansion of the motor shaft, reducing the thrust load on the bearings for long-term precision. Several types of output are offered on KS Series drives, including flanged hollow output, solid shaft either with or without a key and hollow drive with a shrink ring and cover design.


servofit-k-seriesStober ServoFit K Series
The K Series offers both solid and hollow output choices in metric and stainless steel. This drive is available with reduction gearing that ranges from 4 to 1 down to 381 to 1. A one-piece housing is used for long-term durability over two-piece designs, which also provides for long-term accuracy. The K Series comes with a five-year limited warranty.


servofit-kl-seriesStober ServoFit KL Series
The KL Series is an enhanced version of the K Series featuring a symmetrical design intended for use in environments like those seen in the packaging industry. It offers output torque from 130 to 443 inch-pounds (15 to 50 Nm) and several choices of reduction ratio. The KL Series offers a stainless steel shaft and quill along with a one-piece housing.


servofit-kss-seriesStober ServoFit KSS Series
The KSS Series is the K series enhanced with a stainless steel housing for food-grade and other environments with frequent wash downs. Double sealing on the output, with a dual-lip outer seal and stainless steel hardware and fill plug ensure long operation in harsh conditions. Output torques are available up to 3,100 inch-pounds (350 Nm), and reduction ratios down to 178 to 1.