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Stober Ball Screw Servo Motor

ball-screw-servo-motorThe Stober “EZM” Ball Screw Servo Motor

The Stober EZM Series provides direct drive through the spindle nut, allowing a screw of any length to fit through the hollow shaft. It is available in  two sizes, the 25 x 10-25 EZM5 and the 32 x 10-32 EZM7. This motor can apply a standstill feed force as high as 26,138 Nm and a feed rate up to 1.25 meters per second. The EZM Series’ permanent magnet braking provides smooth stops to avoid snags when braiding cables or feeding  sensitive materials. This feature is also a safety bonus in the event of a power failure or other emergency, allowing the drive system to be braked and held safely.