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Parker Drives and Controllers

Highland Controls is able to offer a complete range of services and consulting to bring your Parker motion controllers, servo drives and electric cylinders to put your processes and motion control systems to full and productive use. Whether you are needing rebuilding, assistance in selection of the proper Parker components to accomplish a particular task, or looking for professional programming to bring your existing equipment up to speed, Highland Controls can offer the services you need.

If your motion control parts distributor has to send you to support to answer your questions, you can save the time by bringing your questions to Highland Controls. Time is money, and the less time you spend chasing answers, the more you can spend in production, bringing in revenue. Highland Controls offers knowledge, experience and capability in one stop. Not only can we design your system and properly select the components to construct it, we can evaluate designs to provide a second opinion, allowing you to make a more informed decision before proceeding.

You may have motors that aren’t tuned properly, for example, costing money in inefficient operation and higher utility costs. Mismatched components can prevent a system from reaching its promised potential, even when designers use modeling software to determine system needs beforehand. Often, the only answer to problems like these is experience in the field, experience like that found only at Highland Controls. We have practical experience producing operating installations from start to finish, resulting in productive and efficient motion control solutions.

• Compax3 using CoDeSys and EPL
• ACR8000 series
• ACR9000 series
• ViX
• 6K
• Zeta 6104
• Aries Drive/Controller
• Compumotor AX and SX drives

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“Highland Controls programmed a 4-axis Parker servo system for us this year on a machine rebuild project. The company was very knowledgeable, organized, easy to work with and produced great results. I highly recommend Highland Controls!”
Steve Martinko
Controls Engineer at Delphi Packard Electric