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Stober motor brake and cooling system accessories

Stober Motor Accessories

We’re pleased to offer Stober motor brake and cooling system products.

servo-holding-brakeStober “ServoStop” – Brake for Servo Units
The ServoStop is an integrated brake module for servo motors to provide redundancy for braking during power failure or rapid shutdown for  emergencies. Designed for complete integration into the gear reduction unit, the ServoStop functions well as a holding brake to prevent movement such as sliding or sudden drops under gravity loads or inertial momentum. The plug-in coupling allows the servo motor to be dismounted while the ServoStop is engaged, simplifying and speeding up the repair process. Stober offers an optional manual hand release and either electrical or manual wear control. Rated to IP54 standards and  CSA-approved, the ServoStop is designed to fit standard servo motors and the Stober ServoFit line of gearheads.

servo-cooling-moduleStober “ServoCool”
Stober Planetary gearheads can be susceptible to a buildup of heat because of their compact design. In most cases there just isn’t much surface area to radiate heat away from operating locations, and not much airflow through the equipment. Stober’s ServoCool system can improve the operating efficiency and service life of planetary gearheads with forced-air cooling, providing airflow throughout the system to eliminate performance-robbing heat conditions. The ServoCool’s modular design allows it to be retrofitted to already-installed Stober P and PH Series gearheads. The ServoCool is maintenance-free and requires no additional motors or wiring. All of this is accomplished using standard couplings.