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KEB, Pro-Dex, ABB Motion Controllers

KEB, Galil, ABB Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers are the brains behind complex machine movements and control. Traditionally, motion controllers were cards that installed in a PC. Though PCI motion controllers are still available for applications that need high data throughput to a PC application, the advent of Ethernet and other communications methods have enabled the motion controller to stand on its own. There is a wide variety of capabilities among motion controllers, and Highland Controls offers the full range, from single-axis drive/controller combinations up to 25+axis distributed motion control.

The C6 COMPACT is a compact motion controller has an integrated EtherCAT Master with a rapid real-time bus system.The C6 COMPACT is a compact motion control whose functionality and performance are designed to coordinate and synchronise the motion processes of multiple axes.

The integrated EtherCAT Master provides a rapid real-time bus system that in combination with computing performance and software functionalities represents a truly powerful and cost-effective system.

Equipped with all possible options, the C6 COMPACT can assume control of your entire system or merely look after the motion processes of your application as a subordinate system with numerous interfaces such as Profibus, CAN, Interbus and Ethernet.

This efficient concept without a superimposed operating system uses the entire computing performance for the application of Soft PLC and motion tasks and allows for cycle times starting at 1 ms. The C6 COMPACT is full of possibilities, and offers a cost-effective system for solving your requirements notwithstanding its flexibility and high performance.

Today’s modular machine designs require decentralized architecture. Conventional automation modules have begun to migrate from the conventional control cabinet directly into the installation. The new generation of KEB DIN rail IPCs is design precisely for this type of installation.

The C6 SMART is perfectly tailored to the runtime environment and real-time capability with a powerful processor for performing complex automation tasks. The integrated micro UPS and spacious onboard memory make the C6 SMART a robust, reliable system. The device takes up 47mm on the DIN rail and supports direct coupling with remote I/O modules.

A C6 Monitor can be incorporated to the decentralized installation using the SMART’s integrated visualization support – a DVI-D interface comes standard.

Remote maintenance is another key feature of the SMART IPC. It comes equipped with COMBIVIS Connect software for secure troubleshooting and monitoring.

KEB Modular I/O System

Whether analog or digital, the recording and output of signals from a decentralized installation requires a suitable means of signal transmission. The KEB I/O system is based on the fast and economical Ethernet hardware with EtherCAT protocol standard on every module. EtherCAT provides the system with tried and tested real-time communication to every component.

KEB’s remote I/O system is made with a 25 mm aluminum frame to meet the highest requirements in EMC resistance and provide high packing density.

The efficient plug-in design of the I/O modules enables fast assembly, easy connection, and easy exchange of units on a standard 35 mm DIN rail. The spring-loaded connectors offer vibration resistance and the ability to remove the unit without special tools. Optional shield clamps are available to ensure proper grounding and provide strain relief to the connection lines.

With the KEB Remote I/O system you will be able to achieve high-performance decentralized I/O for any modular machine system.

Parker Automation Controller

Designed for the global machine market, the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) combines advanced logic, signal handling, multi-axis motion, and visualization into one performance-driven solution.

  • Intel® Atom™ N2600 Dual-core, 1.60 GHz, 64-bit, w/ Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology
  • IEC61131-3 Programming (LD, ST, CFC, FBD, SFC, IL)
  • PLCopen Motion Control (Parts I & II)
  • CNC Programming/Editor Conforming to DIN66025
  • Embedded Web-visualization
  • High-speed EtherCAT for Motion and I/O
  • Dual LANs for Network Separation
  • Local and Remote I/O
  • OPC Server, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, and Dual LANs as Standard
  • Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Profibus Options

Galil Ethernet/RS232 Multi-Axis Motion Controllers, 1-8 axes

dmc-40x0-motion-controllerThe DMC-40×0 motion controller is Galil’s highest performance, stand-alone motion controller. It belongs to Galil’s latest generation motion controller family, which accepts encoder inputs up to 22 MHz, provides servo update rates as high as 32 kHz, and processes commands as fast as 40 microseconds-10 times the speed of prior generation controllers. The DMC-40×0 is a full-featured motion controller packaged with optional multi-axis drives in a compact, metal enclosure. The unit operates stand-alone or interfaces to a PC with Ethernet 10/100Base-T or RS232. The controller includes optically isolated I/O, high-power outputs capable of driving brakes or relays, and analog inputs for interfacing to analog sensors. The DMC-40×0 controller and drive unit accepts power from a single 20-80 VDC source.


abb-ac500-motion-controllerThe AC500 is a high performance PLC that has motion control functionality. There are a wide range of CPU’s to match your application requirements. Digital and analog I/O modules are available, along with a variety of fieldbus options.

      • Programming is via CoDeSys, which conforms to the IEC 61131-3 standard
      • PLCopen style function blocks for basic and advanced motion
      • 2 serial interfaces plus Ethernet are standard
      • Integrated webserver
      • Modbus/TCP is standard, EtherCAT, ProfibusDP, Profinet, CANopen are optional

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