Motion Control Systems Integrator

Services We Provide

Highland Controls has experience with many types of equipment that we sell. We support businesses in Northern Ohio (including Cleveland and Akron), Western Pennsylvania, Northeast Indiana, and Southeast Michigan.

Delta Tau Data Systems Motion Controllers
(factory trained)

  • UMAC series
  • PMAC series
  • MACRO interface to Yaskawa and ABB Drives
  • GeoPMAC
  • GeoBrick
  • Turbo Clipper

We have developed a series of LabVIEW drivers that use Delta Tau’s Pcomm Server ActiveX controls for PC based applications. Learn more about Delta Tau Data Systems Motion Controllers.

Yaskawa America Servos and Motion Controllers
(factory trained)

  • MULTIPROG IEC programming
  • MP2300Siec
  • MP2310iec
  • MP2600
  • MP2000 series
  • Sigma-2 servos
  • Sigma-5 servos
  • LegendMC

Baldor Servos and Motion Controllers
(factory trained)

  • MicroFlex e100
  • Flex
  • Flex +
  • Mint
  • NextMove e100
  • NextMove ESB

ABB Low Voltage Drives
(factory trained)

  • ACS350
  • ACS355
  • ACS550
  • ACS800
  • ACSM1

Parker/Compumotor Drives and Controllers

  • Compax3 using CoDeSys and EPL
  • ACR1000 series
  • ACR2000 series
  • ACR8000 series
  • ACR9000 series
  • ViX
  • 6K
  • ZETA 6104
  • APEX 6154
  • Z-Drives
  • Aries Drive/Controller
  • Compumotor AX and SX drives
  • Parker Automation Controller

Learn more about Parker Drives and Controllers.

Applied Motion Products
STAC6 Series
BluAC Series

We have developed a series of LabVIEW drivers for PC applications that use Applied Motion’s SCL language.


We have developed LabVIEW drivers for both Modbus RTU and Modbus/TCP.

IT Series using PolyMath

We have been able to eliminate the PLC in some applications by using VBScript logic in the IT series.

National Instruments

  • LabVIEW
  • Vision
  • Motion control
  • Data acquisition
  • cRIO with LabVIEW Real-time

Eurotherm Temperature Controllers

  • 818
  • 2204
  • 2404
  • 2604
  • 2704
  • Mini-8

We can integrate Eurotherm controllers into PC applications using LabVIEW or Specview SCADA.


  • COMBIVERT F6-K – Single Axis Drives
  • C6 Smart DIN Rail
  • C6 HMI – Embedded Panel PC
  • C6 ECON
  • C6 VPN Router
  • Modular I/O System

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • KDF 943 Sputtering system (factory trained)
  • Royce Instruments A45 and DE35i pick and place units (factory trained)
  • K&S 780 wafer dicing saws (factory trained)
  • US Laser Nd:YAG laser (factory trained)
  • Mitsubishi MELSAS C3 NC Controller
  • Arduino programming with LabVIEW interface
  • XBee wireless with LabVIEW interface
  • LabVIEW drivers for Telesis TMC420
  • LabVIEW drivers for Inficon MPH Residual Gas Analyzer