Motion Control Systems Integrator

Motion Controller Requirements

What kind of controller do you need?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of motion control you need, and if there is already some kind of overall machine controller (typically a PLC).  If your motion control requirements are demanding, then it is best to let a dedicated motion controller handle the motion control for the machine.  Using various forms of communications, you can pass commands to the motion controller from your machine controller.  The type of fieldbus that is chosen depends on what fieldbus your machine controller can use.  If your machine’s primary function is motion control, then you can let the motion controller become the machine controller.  If your motion control requirements are not demanding, then it is possible to have the PLC handle these functions.

How will you be interfacing to your motion controller?

You somehow have to give commands to the motion controller.  This can be something as simple as a pushbutton, or as complex as a machine network.  Do you need to change settings and monitor conditions?  Then perhaps a typical touch screen HMI will suffice.  Do you need to log data and keep track of events?  Then maybe you will need a PC.

What electrical supply is available?

If you only have 120VAC available, then you will need to know that up front.  Your choices on drives will be limited, and your motion system requirements may need more power than is available.  Higher power systems typically will need a 3-phase power source.  Sometimes, 3-phase 480VAC power is what will be required.

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