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Modular Actuators from Nook

Modular Linear Actuators

nook-modular-linear-actuatorNook Modular linear actuators use an aluminum profile to house an acme or ball screw, a belt drive system and some kind of guidance. Modular actuators can be connected together to form multi-axis systems.

  • Available in a wide range of styles and sizes
  • Available with standard or custom motor mounts
  • Non-driven models available for extra support and guidance

Linear actuators can be combined in a modular manner to produce multi-axis movement, allowing control over just about any industrial or manufacturing process.

For most situations, belt drive actuators provide the best combination of low maintenance requirements, high reliability and consistent operation. These systems are equipped with pulleys that incorporate maintenance-free bearings. The belts are made of high-tension steel and require minimal adjustment. Tensioning only needs to be done once, after the initial run to shake out the system. The tensioning system is integrated and may be used in setups incorporating parallel runs to allow symmetrical adjustment of all parallel actuators.

Belt materials are available to suit special environments such as clean rooms and explosion proof processing areas. They are available in just about any length to allow complete on-site customization to fit specific space requirements. Belt drive actuators are offered in external, trapped or internal belt designs to address safety, accessibility and mounting issues. Non-driven actuators are available for use as run guides and to support motion that is driven by other modules.

Belt driven modular actuators use four different types of guide systems. For environments where there is a large amount of dust or debris, V-guides keep the carriage centered in the guides regardless of material buildup in the guides themselves.

Systems are also available that use external roller bearing guides that travel on external rails to allow for precise, low-friction operation that can be adjusted to remove lash. This type of guide system works with both internal and external belt drives. For clean room environments using an internal belt drive, an internal-bearing guide system allows lash to be set at the belt drive itself, providing precision operation that will not contaminate the working environment.

These drives are rated at 1000 under US Federal Standard 209 E. For applications that require a high degree of rigidity, the profile guide system runs on guides that are shaped to provide maximum strength along with minimum tolerance to alleviate wear issues.