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ABB MicroFlex™ e150 Servo Drive

MicroFlex e150 Servo Drive

MicroFlex-motion-driveABB brings its wealth of experience in industry-leading motion control solutions to the MicroFlex™ e150 servo drive. This programmable, network capable servo drive can be programmed using Mint WorkBench over USB or Ethernet TCP/IP. A flexible suite of network protocols is standard to the controller:

  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Ethernet RAW
  • Ethernet IP

This list of protocols allows communication with a wide selection of motion controllers, such as ABB’s AC-500 series PLC, as well as high-level controllers like networked PCs. Integration of EtherCAT allows real-time feedback, monitoring and control of multi-axis platforms.

The Ethernet-embedded feedback interface provides for versatile deployment in distributed motion control solutions. Dual encoder input provides the ability for precise linear tracking and the ability to configure for dual-loop operations. The Microflex e150 can lock the power device in hardware to address safety concerns related to machinery movement, shaft rotation or to provide for cycling operations. On top of this, the e150 meets SIL 3 PL e safety rules with torque-off functions included as a standard feature of the controller.

The e150 operates on voltages from 105 to 250 AC using single or three phase power, with filters available for 3, 6 or 9 amp current levels and a 200 percent overload capability. These versatile specifications mean a great deal of flexibility when installing the MicroFlex e150 into existing systems.

The Mint WorkBench interface allows high-level programming of complex operations for full control of motion applications, communications, HMI and positioning, all in a multitasking environment. A full Active X library for Microsoft Windows allows the use of a higher-level programming environment (Visual Studio, LabVIEW, etc.) for the application. It’s possible to program the servo controller in one city, and then deploy the program remotely to the physical location of the controllers in another city, via the network interface. The Mint WorkBench for Windows includes a tuning wizard and a software oscilloscope to make application development and troubleshooting even simpler.

ABB’s MicroFlex e150 can control both linear and rotary servomotors, with digital feedback methods including:

  • BiSS
  • SSI
  • 1V peak-to-peak Sin/Cos
  • EnDat 2.1/2.
  • Incremental Encoding + Halls

This servo controller includes two analog inputs and one analog output. Ten digital input channels are standard, and two digital inputs can be used for a highly precise axis positioning capture capability of one microsecond, depending on feedback equipment. Combining this with seven digital outputs offers multi-function control of some of the most complex motion control cycles that can be encountered, whether on the factory floor or out in an R&D environment.