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HMI - Human Machine Interface, KEB and ABB

Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Motion Control

We offer the latest automation control panels from KEB and ABB. They include exceptional graphic and communication technologies for an outstanding Human Machine Interface experience.

KEB C6 HMI – Embedded Panel PC
C6 HMI provides the user a high quality Human Machine Interface experienceThe C6 HMI was designed using the latest graphic and communication technologies typically found in modern day smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. As a result, the C6 HMI provides the user a high-quality Human Machine Interface experience while providing the user a competitive “right-price” edge.

“Right-price” does not mean the C6 HMI wasn’t designed for an industrial environment! The front bezel is aluminum and meets IP66/Nema 4X Indoor ratings. There are no moving parts: no fans, and no hard drives. A fanless cooling design and flash mass storage maximize reliability.

Use the C6 ECON as a panel PC for both a Human machine interface (HMI) and for motion control.The C6 ECON was built with the power for processing tasks. On-board RAM provides a good balance between cost and visualization performance.

Designed for economy and built with an Intel chip set, the user can easily use the C6 ECON as a panel PC for both a Human machine interface (HMI) and for motion control.

To maximize up-time, the C6 ECON was designed as a fanless system.

Data storage is achieved with hardware options, such as Compact Flash (CF), hard drives or newer solid-state drives.

KEB C6 VPN Router 
The router can be used to host a webserver-based HMI.

as been specially designed for use in remote installations and industrial settings.

The router is available in two hardware and two software versions. Users can select a model with direct hardwired internet connection via WAN port, or 2G/3G/3G+ wireless connection via any GSM network. This allows for greater flexibility in setting up an installation that allows for remote maintenance and commissioning.

The E1/M1 versions of the router have come with software designed solely for remote maintenance. They allow access to Ethernet and serial communication based devices down to the subnet level. With the implementation of visualization software, the E2/M2 versions provide the additional benefit of KEB’s COMBIVIS Studio HMI software. Functions like data logging, alarm management, and analysis tools are just a few of the additional features of the E2/M2 version.

The KEB C6 family of routers is completely hardware independent and can be used with any third party controls without restrictions. Thanks to the wide range of communication drivers available, linking to any controllers is fast and easy.

ABB Control Panels CP600 – HMI
CP600 16:9 offers large area for HMI pages in compact spaceVersatile Visualization for Productivity with Design – the CP600 range is dedicated for machines and systems that require visualization performance or representative design. The CP600-WEB range offers the same robustness and design like CP600, while the visualization is based on the web server of the AC500 PLC platform. This can provide cost advantages.

Common features CP600 and CP600-WEB

  • Each range provides seven TFT 65,536 color touch screens from 4.3” to 15”.
  • 16:9 wide screen and 4:3 panels. 16:9 offers large area for HMI pages in compact space.
  • Dimming including black screen, to maintain dark operator position.
  • Aluminum case with IP66 front plate, very robust, appealing design.
  • High performance 32-bit-controller.
  • Ethernet interface with switch for easy cabling and comfortable programming.
  • SD-Card for memory extension, screen saver slide show, backup and installation.
  • Two USB host interfaces for external keyboard, mouse and above functions of the SD-Card.
  • Clock/calendar, backup battery.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • EN 61131-2 operating voltage range from 18…32 V DC, general use 10…32 V DC.
  • cUL, UL class 1 div 2, DNV, C-Tick.
  • Fixing brackets included for fast installation in cut-out.

About CP600

  • Serial interface, configurable as RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.
  • Printer support for serial or USB interfaces.
  • Compatible printers use PCL5 or ESC/P2 printer control languages.
  • Engineering tool Panel Builder 600 with WYSIWYG, Drag and Drop.
  • 3D Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, free graphic widgets in large gallery.
  • ABB drivers for effortless integration with ABB AC500 PLC platform, ABB Drives, ABB Motion controllers, ABB Robots IRC5, ABB Pluto.
  • Drivers for Modbus RTU and TCP.
  • Three internet remote access techniques, plus FTP, SNTP, RSS.
  • Data transfer function to convert between protocols and interfaces like a gateway.
  • Web cam and video playback for CP651, CP661, CP665 and CP676.
  • Binary project file download to control panel with Panel Builder 600 over Ethernet.

About CP600-WEB

  • Connects to PLC via intranet or internet for remote connection, running HTTP protocol on Ethernet interface.
  • Web visualization is designed with Automation Builder.
  • Visualization can be created during development and system integration phases.
  • Visualization becomes part of the PLC binary. This single binary helps to make software distribution and version management more comfortable.
  • Variables of controller and visualization are within the same project.
  • To control details of the visualization, IEC61131-3 languages can be used instead of JavaScript.
  • When integration is finished, the visualization screens can be easily reused for GUIs of operations.
  • CP600-WEB is ideal for projects with a few identical machines.

ABB Control Panels CP600-eCo – HMI

CP600-eCo control panel with slimmed-down enclosure; HMI applicationsCP600-eCo is a cost-effective automation control panel that is fully compatible with ABB’s CP600 range of panels. It provides an impressive set of selected features in a slimmed-down enclosure. The panel opens new opportunities for product differentiation to machine builders and system integrators wishing to give their customers a choice between product variants with different features and pricing.

Attractive slim design
The attractive, slim design with a built-in depth of 29 mm providing all connectors on one side for compact installation plus a front protection class of IP66 make the new portfolio best choice for versatile industrial applications. Standard landscape installation as well as portrait mounting underline the flexibility of CP600-eCo for various demands.

Clear display in 3 sizes
The three most used screen sizes in 16:9 wide-screen are included in CP600-eCo: 4.3”, 7” and 10.1”. They provide high resolutions of 480 x 272, 800 x 480 and 1024 x 600 for clear information and easy operation.

High-Performance connectivity & rapid programming
The CP600-eCo enables high-performance connectivity to PLC, machinery & motion drives and rapid programming using Ethernet interface 10/100 Mbit. Relevant drivers create easy connectivity to ABB automation products.

Made for cost-efficient automation solutions

  • Convenient HMI portfolio for versatile applications
  • Provided screen sizes most in use world wide:
    4.3“ (CP604), 7“ (CP607), 10.1“ (CP610)
  • Tailor made for ABB automation packages
  • Protocols for ABB PLC, machinery and motion drives for connection via Ethernet as well as serial
  • Easy integration and good scalability
  • Included in ABB Automation Builder and part of PB610 engineering platform for HMI applications
  • Support of applications for different market segments
  • Part of CP600 platform for easy up- and downgrading of HMI applications