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Get Nook electric lift cylinders for AC, DC and Servo motors

Nook Industries Electric Lift Cylinders

electric-cylindersNook electric lift cylinders incorporate acme or ball screws into a housing. A worm gear may be employed, but the cylinder may also be direct drive. The housing provides guidance for the cylinder rod as it extends.

Electric cylinders are used to apply thrust for lifting and leveling operations, positioning tables or operations and for actuating levers or valves on other equipment. They use a housing to contain an acme screw or a ball screw that is driven by a motor. In some cases the screw drive is driven by a worm gear between the driving motor and the screw. Sometimes the cylinder uses generic motor mountings to allow variety in the selection of motors by the designer. In other cases the motor is part of the cylinder, and drives the screw directly. The thrust rod being pushed by the screw drive uses the body of the cylinder to guide and center the rod.

Highland Controls is a distributor of Nook industries electric lift cylinders.

Nook Industries electric lift cylinders are a great way to replace old hydraulic lift cylinders or in cases where scissors linkage needs actuating in a limited space or tight packaging. In some cases they can replace pneumatic cylinders when long travel is required and dedicated space isn’t available for compressor equipment, or when expenses prohibit the refitting of pneumatic drive equipment. Nook electric cylinders are perfect for applications where a custom length is needed and no standard size of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder will provide a proper fit for the specified drive or lift distance. One of the primary advantages that electric cylinders offer over other cylinder specifications is their cost, both with initial commissioning and with maintenance over their specified service life.

  • Load capacities up to 20 tons
  • Replace pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders in some applications
  • Available with motors (AC, DC, Servo)