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Highland offers factory-trained technical services for Delta Tau Data Systems motion control products, including consulting services and component selection to help you design your system. Highland has a thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of Delta Tau products and their capabilities, and the experience in the field not only to make these decisions, but also to provide a full range of programming services.

Highland also offers custom software solutions such as LabVIEW drivers that make full use of the capabilities offered by Delta Tau’s own Pcomm Server Active X controls. Highland Controls can offer a complete solution from design and selection through programming the interface devices, creating solutions that communicate with your motion control systems using a personal computer. This provides the capability to program, control, schedule, monitor and operate any Delta Tau motion control system over the network from one workstation, or from any workstation on the network.

If your production control or engineering team needs consulting services to evaluate your current system, suggest improvements or restore lost operability, Highland Controls has the expertise and experience you need to make your motion control systems competitive in today’s demanding marketplace. Highland can program existing equipment as well as select, install and upgrade your system to bring it up to modern standards. If you have a process that you think can be improved through automation or motion control applications, Highland Controls can provide consulting services on these processes. Highland has the knowledge and practical ability to recommend changes that can improve productivity or lower costs.

Call Highland Controls and ask how we can help guide you through the decision making process, and implement the changes that will create a thoroughly up to date, more convenient and efficient system of process automation or motion control.

• UMAC series
• PMAC series
• MACRO interface to Yaskawa and ABB Drives
• GeoBrick
• Turbo Clipper