Motion Control Systems Integrator
Nook Ball Screws in Many Sizes

Nook Ball Screws for Linear Motion


Nook ball screws are used to convert rotating motion into linear travel. Inside the lead nut are ball bearings that fit into the screw threads, providing for high precision travel, with low amounts of power and high bearing loads. The same mechanism using a ball screw can move three times the load of an acme screw with the same power. This translates in practice to the ability to use smaller motors to do the same work, resulting in less heat, less power consumption, and smaller packaging.

Ball screws are non-self-locking, which brings advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a rotational brake will be needed to maintain position, in situations where there is thrust or weight supported along the linear axis. The low friction of a ball screw makes them useful for converting thrust along the axis into rotational motion. Linear force applied to one end of a ball screw will cause the screw to rotate, in order to drive a gear or pulley.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Standard and high accuracy version
  • Metric and inch sizes
  • Custom end machining available