Motion Control Systems Integrator
ABB MicroFlex Analog Servo Drive, Mint WorkBench

Analog Servo Drive – ABB MicroFlex

MicroFlex-Analog-servo-driveABB embeds its vast experience in world-class motion control into every compact MicroFlex™ analog servo drive. This is a programmable, network capable servo drive that uses Mint WorkBench over Ethernet TCP/IP as well as RS232 and RS485 serial connections. This means short time to field from the design and programming team, regardless of location. The network interface allows designing the system in one city, installing it another, and programming it from a third location, if necessary.

The MicroFlex analog is carefully matched to brushless motors, both linear and rotary, and features programmable, software-selectable feedback. SSI, Halls or incremental encoder feedback are standard, and resolver feedback can optionally be added at the factory. Dedicated inputs for both stop and direction allow fine tuning. Simulated encoder output provides for fine position feedback to a differential line driver for high precision analog motion control.

Working with the MicroFlex analog is easy using the Mint WorkBench interface. WorkBench allows high-level programming through a PC. An Active X library for the Windows operating system facilitates the programming of communications, HMI, positioning and complex motion control. Mint WorkBench provides a Windows-based interface that includes a software oscilloscope and a tuning wizard, along with configuration, monitoring and parameter viewing, with editing and compare capabilities. Other sophisticated features of WorkBench include an integrated help system, and a technical support tool that will package necessary data into an email to allow easy access to the ABB technical support team.

• RS-232 serial communications standard, RS-485 optional
• Operates from 110-230 V AC 1-phase or 230 V AC 3-phase
• Continuous current ratings of 3, 6 and 9A
• Panel-mounting enclosure
• Software selectable encoder, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) or Hall only feedback
• Optional Resolver feedback
• Simulated encoder output
• Auto-tuning wizard and software oscilloscope facilities via MINT Workbench
• Notch filters to eliminate mechanical resonance
• Analog or pulse and direction command reference