Motion Control Systems Integrator
Produce Linear Motion with Acme Screws

Acme Screws

nook-acme-screws-assembliesAcme screws are by far the most common way to create linear machine motion, such as feeds for power machinery, traversing tables for wrapping, positioning for manufacturing operations and in pressure operations such as vises. Long acme screws are used to operate aircraft control flaps, leveling jacks and other needs where a large amount of travel is needed, while short travel acme screws are used in camera lenses, steering applications and capping high-pressure containers.

Acme thread profile is trapezoidal, wears well and is self-centering. The thread face angle is 29 degrees on SAE threads and 30 degrees on metric threads. The SAE specification for acme screws is preferred by far, even in places where metric parts dominate machine construction. For applications where more precision is needed, ball screws are the preferred solution. For applications with high working loads, bronze nuts are recommended, and should be lubricated with extreme pressure grease. For stainless screws, plastic nuts are an option to control costs.

  • Available in metric and inch sizes
  • A wide range of sizes to suit many applications
  • Not as efficient as ball screws