Motion Control Systems Integrator
ABB Motion Control Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

ABB Motion Control Drives

ABB has 40 years of proven industry-leading experience in industrial robotics.
During that time, it has achieved unprecedented industry firsts, such as the
first industrial robots, with over 160,000 of these tireless, efficient,
precision workers installed worldwide. They are currently in operation in such
varied fields as automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food processing,
and materials handling. ABB companies operate in about 100 countries around the
world, employing around 135,000 people.

ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion Division delivers solutions such as
generators, motors, drives, power electronics, programmable logic controllers
(PLCs) and other automation related parts and services. Through judicious
acquisition of such industry elites as Baldor Motion, the company is ideally
positioned for the long term in the motion control and robotics industry.

The January 2011 Baldor acquisition adds even more substance to a stellar
reputation for motion control and robotics technology, bringing with it such
products as Baldor’s well-known line of MicroFlex servo drives, its NextMove
motion controllers, and its highly respected servo motors. ABB managed to
improve the best of Baldor’s offerings by combining them with the best in ABB
technology, adding support for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP to these excellent
Baldor products, improving interconnectivity across the installed system.

ABB’s MicroFlex e150 brings EtherCAT connection capability to the table, integrating
nicely with the ACSM1 and ACS355 drives. Tight integration between Baldor
products and ABB technology results in outstanding products like the AC500 PLC
line. These devices communicate well, and offer a great deal of versatility in
their employed roles. Some devices even offer the ability to operate both as
control circuitry, and as intelligent, programmable drives.

This approach offers versatility, a great variety in available customization
and a high degree of cost control, while providing long-term efficiency,
reliability and compatibility among products. Highland Controls has the
experience, training and practical knowledge to leverage these advantages for
your motion control project, whatever the size or industry.

ABB’s emphasis on technology and integration to achieve these goals extends to
a complete implementation of Baldor’s MINT programming interface into the ABB
product line, providing outstanding portability, accessibility and ease of
programming for all ABB motion controllers, and most of its servo drives as
The complete ABB product line includes:

  • Rotary and linear servo motors
  • Motion control drives: Single and three phase
  • Inverter and vector drives
  • Multi-axis motion controllers: Boxed and board level solutions
  • Operator panels

Give Highland Controls a call, and learn how we can utilize ABB products as
part of an integrated strategy to achieve your automation or motion control
project goals.