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ABB BSM C Series - Brushless Servo Motor

ABB BSM C Series

The BSM C Series is a high-inertia brushless servo motor in an economic package,
providing rugged construction in a compact design envelope. This motor is
designed for reliable, continuous operation, coupled with very high
acceleration for heavy, high-inertia machine loads. The C Series is
specifically intended for harsh environments and the most demanding
applications, such as offset web printing, line haul for fishing, machining
centers, assembly lines and material handling by conveyor. These motors are
also interchangeable with the BSM N Series, providing more versatility to your

ABB’s C Series is available in three standard IEC frame sizes, with NEMA
mounting available. Also available are holding brakes and forced air cooling
kits, for some models. On tap are continuous stall torque ratings ranging from
10 lb-In (1.2 N-m) to 1185 lb-In (134 N-m). Peak torque is typically three
times the continuous rating, allowing rapid acceleration to apply efficient,
high inertia power to your equipment. The C series stators are precision
wrapped with high voltage insulation, potted for protection from voltage
spikes, further improving heat transfer. The stator windings are moisture
resistant, sealed to IP60 rating, and with optional shaft seal are sealed to
IP65, and very reliable, with no down rating for up to 1000 m.

All BSM C Series motors offer a variety of choices for feedback, including Hall
sensors, resolvers, absolute and incremental encoding. Intelligent servo drives
and PLCs are able to maximize efficiency with these options. They are built to
operate continuously in harsh environments in heat up to 200 degrees C. The
design includes a thermal switch to prevent overheating. Exxon PolyRex®EM
polyurea grease is specified for the bearings, resulting in longer life and increased
shear durability. ABB specifies O-rings for its BSM C Series motors that result
in proven reliability, moisture and dust resistance, in daily use around the

  • Up to 50% more torque in smaller package than previous designs – 3 standard
    frame sizes to choose
  • Acceleration torques from 3.6 N-m (32 Lb-In) to 90 N-m (800 Lb-In)
  • High output torque at low speed – continuous 1.2 N-m (10 Lb-In) to 30 N-m
    (265 Lb-In)
  • Inertia range 1.8 – 42.6 Kg-cm2 ( .0016 – .038 Lb-In-s2)
  • Standard windings for 160, 300, 600 bus volts- customs available
  • Dependability designed in the high 155°C design
  • Premium 200°C moisture resistant, multi-coated wire for reliability
  • Extra high insulated stator for high voltage and current spike
  • Superior bearings with Exxon PolyrexEM TM polyrex grease to provide 4 times
    greater life
  • Rugged industrial construction to provide quality throughout the design
  • Stock and customs available – IEC/NEMA designs