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ABB ACS880 Single Drives

ABB ACS880 Single Drives

acs880-01-wall-mountedWith the ACS880 single drives, you get the kind of flexibility, compatibility and convenience that you expect – whether you prefer cabinet-built or wall-mounted drives.

Customization is possible given the number of industries that benefit from ACS880 single drives, including mining, chemicals, oil and gas, material handling, pulp and paper, energy and marine. Many applications, such as cranes, conveyors, compressors and pumps, can benefit from the precise control based on the ABB common drive platform.

ACS880 Single Drives Highlights:

• Intuitive control panel and PC tool
• Direct torque control (DTC) for precise open and closed loop control
• Built-in safety features for simplified configuration
• Communication with all major automation networks
• Removable memory unit for easy drive commissioning and replacement
• Energy optimizer and energy efficiency information for monitoring and saving energy
• Designed for easy service

The ACS880-01, wall-mounted single drives save time as well as installation space. Take advantage of premium control for many types of AC motors with direct torque control (DTC), including synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet motors.

ACS880-01 Single Drive Highlights:

• Power range 0.55 to 250 kW
• Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
• IP20, IP21 and IP55 enclosure classes
• Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
• Integrated safety including STO as standard
• Intuitive control panel with USB port
• EMC filter, choke and brake chopper built-in
• Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options
• Flexible I/O and encoder options
• Marine type approved design