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Advantages of ABB AC500 PLC

ABB AC500 PLC Overview

abb-ac500-motion-controllerWith 40 years of leadership in industrial robot technology, ABB has the knowledge and the experience to provide solutions that work. ABB created the first industrial robots and has over 160,000 robots installed today in a variety of manufacturing fields, including automobile and pharmaceutical manufacturing, materials handling and food processing.

ABB programmable logic controllers (PLC) are in use performing applications as varied as manufacturing, energy production and quality control. When you specify an ABB product, you can rest assured it is backed by a company that understands the needs of the automation designer. ABB stands behind its products with integrity and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

The AC500 PLC draws from this deep experience in automation technology to offer high performance motion control for distributed automation solutions operating over network environments. This is a highly scalable system that can take advantage of a wide variety of network protocols:
• ABB CS31
• Serial
• EtherCAT
• Ethernet
• Profibus DP
• Profinet
• Modbus TCP
• Modbus serial
• DeviceNET
• CANopen
• Wireless interface

The integrated firmware web server eliminates workstation licensing and makes reporting and programming available anytime, anywhere using a web browser, even from mobile devices. The server is integrated into the modular CPU, and a wide selection of CPUs are available. This provides for upgrading the device as a system grows to increase performance and longevity. Locating the CPU in replaceable modules allows early deployment with lower initial outlay, and an upgrade path to improve performance over time. There are three communications interfaces integrated within the CPU, which can be combined with four more communications couplers to create an I/O system that will network with just about anything.

With up to 1MB available memory and exceptionally fast performance, the AC500 allows better customization with bigger programs, higher precision, faster reporting via the web interface, and quicker service to the I/O system. The CoDeSys programming interface is flexible, powerful and conforms with IEC 61131-3. Fully compatible with ABB’s PS501 Control Builder using their motion control libraries, the AC500 can be up and operating with minimal effort, saving expensive billable hours.

The AC500 PLC is integrated into ABB’s IRC5 robotics controller to provide wireless cell automation, allowing semi-autonomous robot applications. This is just one example of the power and integration capabilities of the AC500 and demonstrates ABB’s belief in their own product. The AC500-XC is a ruggedized variant designed to operate under extreme conditions, from the factory floor to the world’s largest container ship.